Both the administrator and users can create their own lists of recipients or use predefined by the owner of the web page.


Let's assume that you run a school website, thanks to this option, you can easily allow users to create their own user lists, or use the predefined ones created by the administrator.

Thanks to this, e.g. a teacher can create his own lists, and he can easily divide the recipients into classes or years.

For example, the director will be able to send separate messages to language scholars, chemists, mathematicians or historians. Creating lists is not limited in number in any way, so when creating new ones, the imagination is the limit only.

To allow a user to create user lists, go to Components> DJ-Messages> Options and in the Permissions tab allow a given user group to create, edit and delete.

PermissionsTo create lists predefined by the administrator go to: Components> DJ-Messages> Lists> New

Predefined list

To make the list available to all users, switch "Public list" to "Yes."

To add users to the list, go to the second tab and start typing usernames.

Start typingFront-end users can also create their own user lists that will not be public.

If you have already configured the ACL correctly, the next step is to publish the list creation view.

To do this, you need to publish a new menu item -> DJ-Messages -> Lists

Menu DJ-Messages listAfter publishing such an item, the logged-in user will see the following view:

Menu user view

For the user to create his own list, all he has to do is press the "Create" button and then add all the information and users in the same way as when adding the list by the administrator.

Create new list form

If the list of users has been completed correctly, when creating the next message, users will see all the created lists.