In the component administrator can manage:

The messages

Manage messages in DJ-Messages component

You can filter messages using:

  • Search - search in message subject and description using the phrase, email or id [user_id]
  • Sort table by - subject ascending/descending, read ascending/descending, to ascending/descending, from ascending/descending, date ascending/descending, read, ID
  • Number of messages - display a selected number of messages on one page

You can also use Search tools including:

  • Filtering by - All users, only mine, to me, from me
  • Sender state - archived, trashed, all
  • Recipient state - read, unread, archived, trashed, all
  • Date from
  • Date to
  • Filter source

Each message can be identified with information:

  • What was the subject of the message
  • Who sent it to who
  • See if the message was already read
  • See the time of the communication (sent/read)
  • The ID of the message

One the administrator clicks the message he can see the full text of the message, the attachment (if there was an attachment) and can also reply to this message directly.



This view allows the administrator to change the e-mail notifications templates to fit it to the tone of the website.


Available tags that can be used in the e-mail templates are:





The administrator of the website can also manage users.


In this view, the administrator can see all the users in the website and manage their statuses (same that users can manage themselves in their profiles if the plugin was set as described). The administrator can ban the user from the Messaging system or disable the public visibility of the user in the Users Module.