DJ-Messages allows to create and send messages to a single user, multiple recipients or a chosen user group.

There are two ways to create and send a new message. In the backend of the website or from the front page.

Creating messages in the backend

This option is available to the site administrator /the user who has access to the DJ-Messages control panel.

Open the DJ-Messages component and go to "Messages."

Open messages

Click "New" and you will see this view:

New message

  • Recipient - select one or more recipients
  • User groups - select the user group you want to define as recipients
  • Subject - enter a subject here
  • Message - enter a message here
  • Attachments - you can attach a file here

Click the "Send" button to send a message.

Recipient and User groups options can be combined. It means you can choose recipients and a Joomla user group, which will increase the number of recipients, and both options are not mutually exclusive.

Creating messages on the frontpage

To be able to create a new message from the front side and send it, you must have the DJ-Messages component configured on your site.

To be able to create a new message, you must configure and enable the "DJ-Messages Notifications" module or create a new item menu "Messages". You will find a "Compose" button there, purposed for composing a new message.

Watch the video tutorial and learn about DJ-Messages - Installation and setup for Joomla users

As you can see all options are the same as options from the backend view.

User groups field is available for the administrator (with super admin privileges) only. The normal user can send messages including recipient, subject, message content, and attachments. 

Compose a message settings

The compose a message view works like this:

Compose a message on the front-page