What is DJ-Messages Private Messaging System for Joomla and how it works with DJ-Classifieds

DJ-Messages is easy to setup Joomla PMS (Private Messaging System) that lets website users communicate with each other by using a simple inbox/outbox solution.
It is also integrated with DJ-Classifieds out of the box.

The basic functionality of DJ-Messages is the ability to send private messages between users in Joomla, but with plugins, you can easily integrate this extension with other components. A good example is DJ-Classifieds integration.

Learn more and get DJ-Messages here: DJ-Messages - Joomla Private Messaging System


Enable and configure plugins

The plugins for DJ-Classifieds integration are included in the DJ-Messages package. After installation of DJ-Messages, go to Extensions -> Plugins and look for the following plugins:

  • DJ-Classifieds - DJ-Messages integration
  • DJ-Messages - DJ-Classifieds

Make sure that both of them are enabled.

dj-messages integration

DJ-Messages - DJ-Classifieds plugin

This addon has some additional settings, let’s take a closer look at them:

dj-messages integration

  • Display profile link - choose whether a link to the user profile should be displayed on the message list
  • Display fields - choose extra fields from DJ-Classifieds that can be displayed on the message list

Both settings are available for the front-end and back-end. It means that you can enable them for the administration panel and/or on the front of your website.

How the integration works

DJ-Classifieds allows users to contact the advertiser using the contact form on the single ad page. By default, the message comes to the email address of the advertiser and further conversation takes place via email.

Using DJ-Messages integration, all messages sent by the "Contact this advertiser" form will be sent via the DJ-Messages PMS system.

dj-messages integration

Here are some example messages about classified ads in DJ-Messages inbox:

dj-messages integration