Case one

You are the founder of the fishing enthusiasts club, which, like every year, organized a reunion for all members of the association. Still, for reasons beyond your control, unfortunately, the organization of this event is impossible. In this case, using the DJ-Messages extension, you can send a message to all registered users on your site with a few clicks. Additionally, to make sure that the message has reached all users, you can check whether the user has read the message you sent.

By using the DJ-Messages extension, you have the option to send a message to all registered users on the site, and then check whether the user has read the message.

To do this:

  • Go to the DJ-Messages component and create a new message

DJ-Messages componentWhen creating a new message, you can select user groups to which you want to address the message. In the Users groups field, while holding down the shift key, select the first and last position, thanks to which all groups from the list will be selected.

Private message write

If the message was sent correctly, you would receive information about each message sent - separately for each user.

Information about each message

If the user reads the message, the "Read" field will change its value to a green icon.

Read field with green icon

You can also block users from marking messages as read/unread. Read more about this in the: ACL in DJ-Messages.

Sending messages only for specific user groups

If you do not want to send messages to everyone, but only to a given group of users, in step 2, instead of selecting all groups using the shift key, you will choose only those that interest you using the ALT key and clicking on the selected groups.

This functionality can be beneficial, for example, in the following conditions:

Case two:

On the school website, the principal wants to send a notification to all teachers and librarians about the information they should give to their pupils. In this case, it would be enough for the administrator to create two user groups in Joomla and assign them to the appropriate group during registration.

Let's suppose we have such groups:

  • teachers
  • librarians
  • pupils
  • parents

In this case, the school headmaster, who has administrator roles, without any problem can address different messages to individuals using system user groups.

By using the DJ-Messages plugin, you have the option to send a message to selected groups of Joomla! Users.

Send a message to chosen group