General settings

  • Theme - Choose your theme. To start creating your own, copy all contents from /components/com_djreviews/themes/default folder to /components/com_djreviews/themes/YOUR_THEME. Do not remove/modify 'default' folder!
  • jQuery - Default and recommended value is 'auto', however, if you have JavaScript conflicts or your template or some 3rd party plugin already uses jQuery, you may disable it. If you use Joomla 2.5 you can also load jQuery externally from google or internally from the component
  • Date format - Format of the date that appears in reviews list right next to every review.
  • Reviews limit - Number of reviews per page. Set '0' to display reviews on the single page.
  • Preview limit - the number of latest reviews displayed on the preview page
  • Display User Reviews - Display all users reviews
  • Guests avatar - choose from the list
  • Registered avatar - choose from the list
  • Display User Rates - Displays rates of each user
  • Review title - when disabled the title will not be visible in either user reviews list nor submission form. If set to 'required' user will have to fill-in review's title.
  • Review content - when disabled the message/review will not be visible in either user reviews list nor submission form. If set to 'required' user will have to write a message.
  • Multiple rating - Allow the single user to rate the same object more than once
  • Follow-up messages - allow users to comment single entry more than once
  • Form layout - default / plain
  • Add review button - No / Yes / Only when logged in
  • Blacklist - Words blacklist separated by commas, those words will be changed to ****
  • Whitelist - Words that are allowed to be used in reviews
  • Email notifications - No / Yes
  • ReCaptcha - enables ReCaptcha for not logged in users. Important! ReCaptcha plugin must be enabled and properly configured
  • Notifications emails - New-line separated list of email addresses to which notifications should be delivered. If the list is empty, the website's email address will be used.



Here you can set who will be able to add, edit and delete reviews. Manage the permission settings for the user groups below.

  • Configure ACL & Options
  • Access Administration Interface
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Edit Own
  • Edit State
  • Create review
  • Edit review
  • Delete review
  • Autopublish
  • Create comment
  • Edit comment
  • Delete comment
  • Autopublish comments