suggesterpro options

  • Theme – Choose the theme for DJ-Suggester flyout box.
  • Offset– Set the offset from the bottom of the site to show suggestion box. Zero (0) means that box will be shown when user scrolls the site to the end. Default is 400px.
  • Hide on scroll to top – If set to 'Yes', the DJ-Suggester box will be hide when user scrolls to the top above the bottom offset. Option 'No' means that the box can be closed only by the user.
  • Show only once - if it's enabled the flyout box won't be shown again after it's closed by the user.
  • Flyout delay (seconds)– Set delay in seconds to show suggestion when site content is to small to scroll.
  • Menu filter type  - you can enable/disable component suggestions for specified menu items.
  • Menu items  - select menu items
  • Truncate description  - turning on this option will remove or html tags from the description
  • Description length - desc character limit
  • Entrance animation  - choose the type from many options available
  • Exit Animation - choose the type from many options available
  • Animation Speed - Normal/Fast/Slow

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