New feature in DJ-Sugester allows you to customize the look and feel of your box with a suggested content. We've added option to modify the colors easier than before.

Once you update DJ-Suggester plugin and move to "Plugin" tab you can now choose "Custom" as a theme.

suggester options

When you do that you'll see new options to tweak your colors:

suggester colors

You can change colors for:

  • Flyout box background
  • Flyout box text color
  • Flyout box border color
  • Close button background
  • Close button color
  • Close button hover background
  • Close button hover color
  • Suggestion heading text color
  • Item title color
  • Item title hover color
  • Image border color

This is how the default suggester box looks like:

suggested content default

And with few changes it can look like this:

suggested adscustom

or like this:

suggester content3

The possibilities are endless as you can change colors as you need it.

Check documentation for DJ-Suggester.

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