Now we can pass on to create an individual item of a group.

Choose your group and press Add button to create a tab. Before doing this, take a look at parameters view, where you can set items configuration.


Short description:

  • Element's name – enter a name of item
  • Type – select section/category/article/module position where you want to display a content from
  • Section/Category id/Article/Module Position – select a proper item
  • Elements count – number of items to display in this tab
  • Characters count – number of chars of a short description
  • Open cards count – number of open items in tab
  • Show image – show/hide content images
  • Float – select image position
  • Image width (e.g. 100px or 50%) – image with measured in px or %

At least one tab has to be entered to make your component (or module) work correctly.

See an example of tabs list: