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In the options, you can set global configuration.

Those settings can be overridden in each item (tab or accordion) you're creating.

To open the Options go to Extensions -> Components -> Options.

Article options


  • Show Date - choose if you want to show date, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.
  • Date Position - select date position, available options:
    • Next to the title,
    • Under the title.
  • Date format - type the date format you want to use,
    • this option works only if "Next to the title" option from Date Position is selected. 
  • Date format (secondary) - type the date format you want to use
    • this option works only if "Under the title" option from Date Position is selected. 
  • Show Title – choose if you want to show title, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.
  • Title Link– If enabled title will be a clickable link, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No
  • Title Characters Limit – Number of maximum of characters in the title
  • Show Image – choose which image will be displayed, available options: 
    • intro image
    • full article image
    • the first image from article content
    • none
  • Image Position – select the image's position, available options:
    • left, 
    • right, 
    • top.
  • Image Link – If enabled image will be a clickable link, available options:
    • yes, 
    • no.
  • Image Width– enter image's width
  • Image Height – enter image's height
  • Generate Thumbnails – Choose whether to generate article image thumbnails in components/com_djtabs/thumbs. If enabled, Image Width & Height refer to thumbnails dimensions. If you enable "Generate Thumbnails" in component options, 2 new buttons will be shown on items list: Purge Thumbnails - use it to delete all cached thumbnails, Optimize Thumbnails using (lossless compression) - use it to optimize thumbnails. This will increase page speed. Available options:
    • yes,
    • no.
  • Thumbnails Quality – Thumbnails Quality (in %)
  • Show Description – choose if you want to show description, available options
    • yes, 
    • no.
  • Description Link – If enabled, the description will be a clickable link, available options
    • yes, 
    • no.
  • HTML in Description – Allow HTML tags in description (if set to 'Yes', characters limit will be ignored), available options
    • yes, 
    • no.
  • Description Characters Limit – Number of maximum characters in description (ignored if 'HTML in description' is enabled)
  • Show Read More Button – choose if you want to show Read More button, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.
  • Read More Text – enter text that will be displayed on the "read more" button
  • Show Category – Show article category, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.
  • Category Link – If enabled category will be a clickable link, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.
  • Show Author – Show article author, available options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Use Global.

Tab/Accordion Options


  • Video Automatic Play/Pause - Select whether to play/pause video automatically after switching to/from a tab with video, available options:
    • Play & Pause,
    • Pause only,
    • None.
  • Accordion Layout Display - Select how to initially display a content of accordion layout, available options:
    • First out,
    • All in.
  • Rows number - Tabs will be displayed in the specified number of rows (type your number)
  • Tabs trigger - Select whether tabs items should be displayed on click or on mouse hover, available options:
    • Click, 
    • hover.
  • Transition speed - Choose a duration of Tabs/Accordion items switching animation, available options:
    • Normal, 
    • slow,
    • fast.
  • Scroll to Accordion item - Choose if a page should be scrolled to the top of an active Accordion item, available options:
    • No,
    • main accordion only,
    • article category accordion only,
    • both.
  • Truncate titles - Truncate accordion category titles, available options:
    • Yes, 
    • no.
  • WCAG Script - Load JS Script for WCAG support, available options:
    • Yes, 
    • no.



Actions you can configure:

  • Configure ACL & Options
  • Access Administration Interface
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Edit State

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