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Item is a content displayed in one tab.

There are four types of items:

  1. Article Category - articles from selected category are displayed in accordion layout
  2. Single Article - this type displays selected article. You can select article to display in 'Basic Options' tab
  3. Module Position - content of selected module position is displayed in tab
  4. Video Link - Video from Youtube or Vimeo is displayed in tab

New item:

Tab Options

  • Icon – select icon
  • Custom HTML – Optional custom HTML placed before the icon and title

Article options

  • Show Date – choose if you want to show date
  • Date Position – select date position
  • Show Title – choose if you want to show title
  • Title Link– If enabled title will be clicable link
  • Title Characters Limit – Number of max. character in a title
  • Show Image – choose which image will be displayed
  • Image Position – select image position
  • Image Link – If enabled image will be clicable link
  • Image Width– enter image width
  • Image Height – enter image height
  • Show Description – choose if you want to show description
  • Description Link – If enabled description will be clicable link
  • HTML in Description – Allow HTML tags in description (if set to 'Yes', characters limit will be ignored)
  • Description Characters Limit – Number of max. characters in description (ignored if 'HTML in description' is enabled)
  • Show Read More Button – choose if you want to show Read More button
  • Read More Text – enter text displayed on read more button
  • Show Category – Show article category
  • Category Link – If enabled category will be clicable link
  • Show Author – Show article author

Article Category Options

  • Articles Display – Choose type of layout - Accordion -First out, Accordion - All in or Articles in columns
  • Articles Columns – enter number of columns
  • Articles Space – space between articles in %
  • Articles Limit – Number of displayed articles
  • Max. Category Level – Choose maximum category levels counting from the category/categories selected
  • Articles Min. Date – Choose whether to display only articles newer than the date entered
  • Articles Max. Date – Choose whether to display only articles older than the date entered
  • Articles Ordering – select ordering

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