You can use themes to change the appearance of DJ-Tabs.

Each instance of tabs (group) can have different look and feel, so you can adjust it to perfectly fit on any page you're using DJ-Tabs website-wise.

There are 13 ready made you can choose from by default plus you can create your own theme or make the system create one for you thanks to the Random theme functionality! 

Ready made Themes for tabs and accordions

We have created twelve ready-made themes for you to choose from:


Check left menu on our Demo Page to see all the options.

Note: There's also one more theme - "Default" - it has a basic dark styling and is meant to be used by template providers if they use DJ-Tabs (check Joomla-Monster templates with DJ-Tabs as an example) to provide their own styling.

You can choose a theme for your tabs when:

  • creating a menu item with a link to the DJ-Tabs tabs or accordion -> create new or edit existing DJ-Tabs menu item, open "Tabs Options" tab and choose the theme:


  • creating or editing DJ-Tabs module -> create or edit existing DJ-Tabs module and choose your theme in the first tab


Create your own theme

You can easily create or edit existing theme and make it look exactly as you need it.

Below is a scheme picture explaining which part of the backend editor of the theme corresponds to what you see on the front end.


You can enter the color values in HEX or just choose the color you like from the color picker:


Additionally, you can also change:

dj-tabs-themes-custom-settings-radiusRadius of tab's:

  • border
  • panel border
  • toggler border
  • image border

and Article's content color.

Now you know how to edit and create themes for DJ-Tabs.