DJ-Notifications 3 Files

DJ-Notifications is a free Joomla! plugin that displays system messages from Joomla! core and 3rd party extensions in a nicer, modern way in popups instead of inline messages.

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DJ-Canonical 8 Files

Free and simple canonical plugin for Joomla 3.

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DJ-WebP 2 Files

Free Joomla! plugin that will convert your .png and .jpg images into modern .webp format.

Download, install and instantly rank better in Google PageSpeed Insights!


DJ-Chat 4 Files

DJ-Chat, the simple chat system for Joomla! 3 and DJ-Classifieds.

You can learn more about it in the blog post and product page.

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DJ-SuggesterLight 1 Files

Simple FREE Joomla plugin that displays the box with suggested content when the website is scrolled down.

Suggest a new content for your visitors and keep them longer on your site.

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DJ-MegaMenu Free Edition

DJ-MegaMenu Free Edition 1 Files

DJ-MegaMenu is an advanced accessible menu system (WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 / ADA) for Joomla! 3 that allows you to set each menu item as you want.

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DJ-ImageSlider 16 Files

Free, responsive, mobile-ready Joomla extension with touch support.

Create unlimited groups and slides and put them anywhere on the site in a module or inside articles. It's SEO optimized, uses CSS3 animations, fast and user-friendly backend administration. 

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DJ-PassReset 4 Files

Free plugin to force your current and new users to change their password on the first login and after selected number of days.

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DJ-LikeBox 1 Files

Simple Joomla module purposed for displaying a Facebook Fan Box, Facebook events, Facebook Messenger on the website.

You do not have to look for the Facebook API key, but enter the URL address of your Facebook Fan Page and configure the module settings.

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DJ-Events 10 Files

Manage your events and display them in component and modules. Create single or recurring events, add descriptions, images and videos, allow users and guests to submit events and much more!

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DJ-League 6 Files

It allows you to build a sports league and generate the matches schedule and generate the table with the results of matches (score table).

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DJ-EasyContact 11 Files

A super simple, free Joomla contact form module. For those who don't need complex form builders. In most cases, the simple email form is enough. Responsive and nicely designed with popup function.

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DJ-SelectMenu 1 Files

Simple and easy Joomla 3.x and 2.5 module that displays Joomla! menu as a selectlist.

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DJ-VMPageBreak 1 Files

DJ-VMPageBreak free extension for Joomla 3 is the answer for your questions about the lack of functionality of standard PageBreak Joomla plugin in Virtuemart 3 and 2. 

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JM Best Features

JM Best Features 2 Files

Show off best product features using this free Joomla module. Features can be displayed around the central image or displayed in two columns.

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JM Social Icons

JM Social Icons 2 Files

The free Joomla module allows displaying unlimited social media icons with links to profiles. Use a font awesome icon or glyphicon or image.

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JM Simple Image Slider

JM Simple Image Slider 2 Files

The free Joomla module allows creating the unlimited number of slides and displays them at any template layout position.

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DJ-Embed Light

DJ-Embed Light 1 Files

This extension lets you embed YouTube and Vimeo videos easier then ever. All you need to do is add the video link in the article.

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JM Image Carousel

JM Image Carousel 2 Files

Use the free Joomla module to display images in three different styles (carousel, flat, coverflow) using next/prev buttons or bullets indicators.

Learn more about Free 360 image carousel module for Joomla

JM Team Profiles

JM Team Profiles 2 Files

Display team member profiles with this free Joomla module. You can set an unlimited number of profiles including the name, profession, and social profiles.

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JM Simple Tabs

JM Simple Tabs 2 Files

Use this simple, free Joomla module and display your content in tabs (text, video, images) oriented horizontally or vertically.

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JM Pricing Tables

JM Pricing Tables 2 Files

Display free or paid plans using this free Joomla module. Each plan can include a title, price, currency, period, description, and a button.

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JM Testimonials

JM Testimonials 2 Files

This simple, free Joomla module is purposed for displaying testimonials along with the author. Also, you can set indicators or autoplay.

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JM Additional Features

JM Additional Features 2 Files

This simple free Joomla module allows displaying product features along with the font awesome icon, linked title and read more button.

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JM Intro Articles

JM Intro Articles 2 Files

The simple free Joomla module is allowing to display an article from the selected category. The module can contain intro images.

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JM Counter

JM Counter 2 Files

This simple free Joomla module allows displaying a counter along with the title, unit, counting value and speed.

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K2 Fix Plugin

K2 Fix Plugin 1 Files

K2 fix plugin adds the models path with K2Model prefix what fix major problems with proper working of K2 modules with other extensions.

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DJ-jQueryMonster 1 Files

DJ-jQueryMonster plugin helps you rid of the conflicts with jQuery.

The plugin sets correct order of the scrpts, removes all enabled jQuery/no-conflict instances and enables own jQuery and no-conflict mode helping to solve conflicts.

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Graphic materials (logos)

Graphic materials (logos) 1 Files

Graphic materials for (logos).