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DJ-Catalog2 FAQ
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1 How to use Custom Field plugin for DJ-Catalog2 292
2 Using print feature in DJ-Catalog2 261
3 How to import data to custom attributes 344
4 How to set the child products in DJ-Catalog2 260
5 How to disable "Browse" button in subcategories? 2049
6 Breadcrumbs not working? 772
7 How to change CSS or layout files 5965
8 How to change currency sign in DJ-Catalog2 2015
9 How to change image ordering in DJ-Calalog2? 2375
10 I see the message: "You haven't published any menu item linking to root category in Categories (Items) view. It is highly advised to do so." - what's that? 5266
11 How to use captcha with "Ask about this product" form 3365
12 When I attach a file to a product and try to download it I get this error message: 403 - You are not authorised to view this resource 2559
13 How to resize images? 2957
14 How to change price unit/currency sign 1882
15 DJ-Catalog2 system requirements 3381
16 How to change DJ-Catalog2 Pagebreak plugin format 2891
17 Translating DJ-Catalog2 fields using Localise translation extension 5241
18 What is it? A new e-commerce component? 2322
19 I need to add several pictures per product is it complicated? 2016
20 I like the idea of tabbed interface, how does it work? How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2 2519

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Thank you for upgrading this plugin to Joomla 3.0. There's no other plugin like this one that has the component part. Powerful plugin! Can't live without it. You guys are amazing.

Perfect timing - DJ Image Slider

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