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DJ-Catalog2 FAQ
1 How to use watermarks in DJ-Catalog2
2 SKU on front-end
3 How to delete DJ-Catalog2 products
4 Page Heading Override feature {SEO}
5 Show on Google Map link
6 Custom fields grouping
7 Show prices in Query history
8 Integration with Joomla Smart Search (autocomplete)
9 Query Cart history for registered users
10 Notify product owners (authors) that a query has been made regarding their products
11 DJ-MediaTools integration
12 Tutorial: User Profiles in DJ-Catalog2
13 How to use Custom Field plugin for DJ-Catalog2
14 Using print feature in DJ-Catalog2
15 How to import data to custom attributes
16 How to set the child products in DJ-Catalog2
17 How to disable "Browse" button in subcategories?
18 Breadcrumbs not working?
19 How to change CSS or layout files
20 How to change currency sign in DJ-Catalog2
21 How to change image ordering in DJ-Catalog2?
22 "You haven't published any menu item [...]" - what's that?
23 How to use captcha with "Ask about this product" form
24 When I attach a file to a product and try to download it I get this error message: 403 - You are not authorised to view this resource
25 How to resize images?
26 How to change price unit/currency sign
27 DJ-Catalog2 system requirements
28 How to change DJ-Catalog2 Pagebreak plugin format
29 Translating DJ-Catalog2 fields using Localise translation extension
30 DJ-Catalog2 with multilanguage option using FaLang
31 What is it? A new e-commerce component?
32 I need to add several pictures per product is it complicated?
33 I like the idea of tabbed interface, how does it work? How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2

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