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DJ-Catalog2 FAQ
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1 How to use Custom Field plugin for DJ-Catalog2 151
2 Using print feature in DJ-Catalog2 192
3 How to import data to custom attributes 261
4 How to set the child products in DJ-Catalog2 184
5 How to disable "Browse" button in subcategories? 1966
6 Breadcrumbs not working? 714
7 How to change CSS or layout files 5856
8 How to change currency sign in DJ-Catalog2 1953
9 How to change image ordering in DJ-Calalog2? 2317
10 I see the message: "You haven't published any menu item linking to root category in Categories (Items) view. It is highly advised to do so." - what's that? 5178
11 How to use captcha with "Ask about this product" form 3247
12 When I attach a file to a product and try to download it I get this error message: 403 - You are not authorised to view this resource 2458
13 How to resize images? 2893
14 How to change price unit/currency sign 1824
15 DJ-Catalog2 system requirements 3307
16 How to change DJ-Catalog2 Pagebreak plugin format 2828
17 Translating DJ-Catalog2 fields using Localise translation extension 5139
18 What is it? A new e-commerce component? 2241
19 I need to add several pictures per product is it complicated? 1955
20 I like the idea of tabbed interface, how does it work? How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2 2458

I found myself needing a slideshow/rotator extension, and after lots of trial and error I found D-J Slideshow. Most do not offer the common sense options that D-J does and when they do it is...

Very Effective Extension