how to resize images

Read how to resize images in DJ-Catalog2:

Open DJ-Catalog2 component.

How to resize images - open options

Open component's parameters/options

How to resize images in DJ-Catalog2

Go to "Image Processing" tab

Image processing tab

Change the values (you can change the values globally and also apply different for Category and Producer settings) and save your settings.

change the values


Go to "Images Manager" tab and use one of "Recreate thumbnails" buttons, depending which image sizes you want to change

images manager resize images



(since ver. 3.7)

In order to compress images generated by DJ-Catalog2 - that is thumbnails created right after adding new images as well as thumbnails dynamically created by modules - you simply need to click on "Optimize images" button. The console will show you which images has already been processed and the reduction rate next to each.