As you probably already know, the latest DJ-Catalog2 version 3.5 stable comes with a brand new feature - Parent/child products
It means that you are able to assign product to another - parent - product.

In this short tutorial we will show you how to do it. You will also learn some other interesting things about this new DJ-Catalog2 feature.


How to set the Child product settings

Go to DJ-Catalog2 component.


Now go to "Options".



Open the "Product page" Tab.


You can see all Variants settings below:


Image - choose whether the products image should be visible within the description
Price - decide how to show the price
Description - show or hide
Truncate description - yes/no
Description length - set the product description characters limit
Cart button - show or hide the cart button
Extra attributes* - show or hide the extra attributes

*) Please note that despite the fact that it is possible to assign extra fields to child products, such attributes will be ignored by filters (e.g. Filters Module) or any other search feature. Only parent items are taken into account when filtering.


How to add a single child product.

Go to DJ-Catalog2 component.

Choose a New product.


Adding the child product works in almost the same way as adding a normal DJ-Catalog2 product, the only difference is that child product must be assigned to an existing product. You can see it on the picture below.


If you have already added and assigned child products, you can manage them by clicking "Id" button belonging to a specified product.


Now you can manage them.


There is a "Clear" button available in the header. Clicking it helps to go back to the default list of products.


If the child product owns a custom fields and they have enabled "separate column"option, then these attributes will be displayed in the child products list.


Front view

As you can see now , the children are displayed in table layout, in a single product page.