Now the user creating a new product in DJ-Catalog2 can determine whether the product is tangible, virtual or a subscription.

This choice affects the purchase process.

To set the new product type you need to open the DJ-Catalog2 component, go to "Products" and choose "New".

product types tutorial new

These settings are available in the commerce tab.

product types tutorial ecommerce 

  • Tangible products - require shipment method to be selected.
  • Virtual products - gives access to the product. Shipment is not required in this case.
  • Subscriptions - are similar to virtual products. Subscription duration can be limited to a specified period of time.

Tangible product

A tangible product is a physically existing product whose purchase is associated with a delivery service.

Virtual product

Setting the virtual product allows dealing with paid downloads, which are available in the attachments tab.

If the product has defined attachments and is marked as the virtual one, all its attachments are available only if the user purchases the product.

During the purchase, a list of all files related to virtual files from a given order appears in the payment information at the bottom of the table.

Attempt to download by an unauthorized person ends with a message - that this file is available for purchase and it required the payment.

Also, there is information on the product's page (above the list of attachments) - "here you can find the product."


With the "subscription" product type you can sell access to any of the extensions that operate with ACL. 

The basic scenario is that you can sell access to the category of articles that are meant to be visible only to the particular Joomla user group.

You can, for example, have the "subscribers" user group in Joomla. Only users within this user group can see the articles in this category.

You can set the subscription product in DJ-Catalog2 and sell access for 1 month. Once the user purchases this product, he will automatically be assigned to the "subscribers" user group. After a month user will be removed from the "subscribers" user group and will lose access to the category of articles with this user group permissions.

Following this scenario, you can sell subscription access to any 3rd party extensions that operate with Joomla! ACL.

When editing a subscription type product, you can specify how many days it is valid; you can also select the user group to which the user will be assigned after subscription purchase.

product types subscription

If someone purchases a subscription, he gets the access to a specific section - for example, subscribers section where a single user may have access to certain places on the site (e.g., articles).