See how to use the InPost plugin for the DJ-Catalog2 extension.

InPost is one of several delivery methods working for the DJ-Catalog2 component. Available methods are:

  • Standard shipment,
  • DHL24-PL,
  • DPD PL,
  • Pocztex

Below you will find the information necessary for the correct installation and use of this plugin.


The InPost plugin is a separate file that must be downloaded from the DJ-Extensions page and installed on your DJ-Catalog2 website.

Open the backend of the Joomla webpage, go to: "Extensions" and install the plugin like any other Joomla extension, using the "Install from package" tab.

After successful installation, go to "Extensions", select "Plugins" and find the plugin. Just type "InPost" in the search field and the plugin will appear under the name "DJ-Catalog2 DELIVERY - Inpost". The plugin should be enabled.

Plugin on the list


For the delivery method to work, it must be properly configured in the DJ-Catalog2 component settings.

For this purpose, open the DJ-Catalog2 component and select Delivery methods from the left menu.

To create a new method, click "New".

New delivery method

We fill out the required fields in the "Edit" tab:

  • Name (the defined name will appear later in the list when choosing a delivery method)
  • Plugin - choose DJ-Catalog2 DELIVERY - Inpost from the list

and fill in the remaining fields at your discretion.

Create new method

now go to the settings tab where are two options to set:

  • Environment - We choose whether there is a production page or a sandbox
  • Auth key - enter the authorization key (you should have it from website)

The key is required if waybills are created in the back of the page after receiving the order.

Learn more about store integration with InPost

Authorization key

After saving, the delivery method will be visible on the front page when finalizing the purchase of the product from the cart.

Front page delivery options

Selecting the InPost method will open the map, together with the parcel locker's search field. Using this solution, you can find and select the parcel locker to which the parcel will go.

InPost map

Additionally, you can use the "List" tab and a list of available parcel lockers will appear instead of the map.

The list of parcel

After finalizing the order, the confirmation of the order will come to the defined e-mail inbox, including the code of the selected parcel locker:

Chosen parcel locker

Important information will also appear for the site administrator, namely, the order will appear in the back of the page in the "order" list.

After opening the order in the "Delivery and Payments" section, in addition to the details of the delivery method, the (Create Shipment) button will be available to generate a waybill.

The waybill is proof of the contract of carriage. It must be generated to enable sending a parcel to the selected parcel locker.

After clicking the button, the parcel locker's code will appear, and you will be able to generate the waybill.

After completing the fields and saving, you can download the waybill in PDF format.


Create shipment

Selected parcel locker