idea of tabbed interface

Not at all! Just add into product description a page break (by clicking Pagebreak button) and provide the page title which will be used as tab name and … ta-da - you get a nice tabbed interface, which can be different for each product.

Tabs can be created in product's full description editor.
In order to create each tab, you have to:
  • insert a page-break by clicking 'Page Break' button that is usually located below the editor. The pop-up window will appear
  • in the popup you should provide title for a new tab. When you finish, the editor will display horizontal line that separates product's description from tab contents.
  • To create another tab, just repeat the whole process.



Each Pagebreak splits product's description into the main text and tabs' contents. Test it yourself in the online demo.

Note: Remember that DJ-Catalog2 - Pagebreak plugin needs to be enabled.