integrtion with joomla smart search

This feature allows you to use Joomla’s Smart Search functionality.

You can learn more about Smart Search from Joomla docs. (

First you need to install and enable the the plugin - Finder - DJ-Catalog2 (You can download the plugin from DJ-Catalog2 Download Section).

Once installed be sure it’s enabled. In your Joomla backend go to Extensions -> Plugins -> Finder DJ-Catalog2 and make sure it’s enabled. Integration with Joomla Smart Search1

Now go to Components -> Smart Search and click “IndexIntegration with Joomla Smart Search5 button.

Indexer will now start running and once finished you’ll find indexed products:

Integration with Joomla Smart Search2

How to use Smart Search functionality

First you need to make sure that you have Smart Search module installed, enabled and assigned to proper module position.

Add this module by going to Extensions -> Modules -> New -> Smart Search

Integration with Joomla Smart Search4

Now give the module Title, assign it to proper module position and assign to pages you want it to appear and save the module.

When all is set you’ll benefit the autocomplete functionality - Smart Search for DJ-Catalog2

Integration with Joomla Smart Search3