How to use watermarks

This feature allows you to add watermarks to the images from DJ-Catalog2.

The setting responsible for this can be found in: Components -> DJ-Catalog2 -> Options -> Image Processing tab -> Watermark settings section


  1. - set it watermarks should be used
  2. - select watermark image
  3. - set watermark size
  4. - set horizontal watermark position
  5. - set vertical watermark position

IMPORTANT: Remember to use transparent .png file for watermarks!

After you set it click “Save”.

Now all new images that will be added to DJ-Catalog2 will have watermarks.

If you want to add the watermark to images that you already have in products:

Go to: Components -> DJ-Catalog2 -> Images Manager

Here you can recreate all images you select


Here you can proceed to apply changes to the images (in our case we’ll be applying watermarks):

  1. - click to add watermarks to all images
  2. - click to add watermarks to product images only
  3. - click to add watermarks to category images only
  4. - click to add watermarks to producer images only
  5. - here you can decide from which ID the processing will go
  6. - delete cached images
  7. - progress bar

When you click one of the 1/2/3/4 buttons the processing will begin and you’ll see 100% on progress bar once it’s ready.
That’s it - images were recreated and got the watermarks.