DJ-Catalog2 has a wishlist feature that allows users to save selected products in one location. The wishlist can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file by users in front-end.
This feature is enabled by default.


To set the configuration of wishlist feature to navigate to Components -> DJ-Catalog2 -> Configuration and click the 'Wish List' tab.


  • Enable wishlist - allows enabling/disable wishlist feature
  • Require login - if set to 'yes' user must be logged to add the product to the wishlist
  • Show print button - show print button that will be displayed in the wishlist view menu position
  • Show PDF button - show PDF button that will be displayed in wishlist view menu position
  • Item description - decide if product description should be displayed in the generated PDF file

'Add to wishlist' button is by default assigned to the Product list and Product page. To change it navigate to the selected page in DJ-Catalog2 configuration and search for the 'Show wish-list button'.

Wishlist view

The wishlist can be easily displayed by using the module position 'Wishlist view'.

Learn more about component views here


Wishlist as generated PDF

All listed items from the wishlist will be downloaded as PDF file.

Important! TCPDF plugin is required for PDF generator. Learn more about TCPDF plugin here

After opening a PDF file, the product name, image and description will occur: