DJ-Classifieds FAQ
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1 How to remove #dj-classfieds from the URL 183
2 Images multiupload doesn't work? - here's the fix 1721
3 How to allow unregistered users to post and edit ads? 1862
4 How to automatically post new ads to Facebook Pages 3847
5 How to add custom fields to user profile in DJ-Classifieds 2532
6 How to add User Profile Picture to user's profile in DJ-Classifieds 8504
7 How to use JMailAlerts with DJ-Classifieds 1930
8 How to use themes 4454
9 How to add video to the advert 2316
10 How to use Price and Contact fields as custom fields and use it only on several categories 4554
11 Google Map module locations are gone after update to 2.3.3 2524
12 How to set custom icons for google maps for different categories in DJ-Classifieds? 2558
13 How does access restrictions for categories work? 2378
14 Can users choose different currency for price of their ads? 2050
15 How to set "Terms and Conditions" article 2516
16 How to change date format 2181
17 How to change "Add new advert" or any other text in DJ-Classifieds 4637
18 RTL support for DJ-Classifieds ver. 2.1.4 2527
19 How to add social buttons to DJ-Classifieds 3318
20 Blank page when adding an advert 7356
21 How to place a banner/adsense into DJ-Classifieds 15867
22 Is DJ-Classifieds Joomla 3.x ready? 3668
23 How to order categories 3156
24 How to change the currency sign/price unit? 2340
25 Update from 2.0.2 to 2.1 1785
26 What are system requirements? 3800
27 How set a default search for all values in custom field 3687
28 How to hide "displayed" column in Table View 3225
29 How to add new extra field in DJ-Classifieds 5805

Just installed DJ-Classifieds ver. 2.1.3 for Joomla 2.5 and it was very easy. I have begun configuring the options and most of them are easy to figure out. It would probably help if I read the...

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