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DJ-Classifieds FAQ
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# Article Title
1 Shipping for DJ-Classifieds
2 Invoices App for DJ-Classifieds
3 Registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds
4 How to add 'edit' and 'delete' links for guests in the email template
5 How Files Attachments App works
6 How to hide or display categories over the adverts
7 How to use “Buy now” feature in DJ-Classifieds
8 How Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds works
9 How to hide category description
10 Save as copy functionality in adverts
11 How to sort categories in backend
12 How to use Statistics module
13 How to display adverts number in regions module
14 Default country for places API (google maps)
15 Custom units for “Buy Now” functionality
16 How to setup unlimited durations
17 Display Geolocation address in search module
18 How to display selected region in DJ-Classifieds Regions module
19 How to display expanded tree of locations in DJ-Classifieds Regions module
20 How to display all categories in DJ-Classifieds Menu module
21 How to send copy of "Ask seller" message to admin.
22 How to assign DJ-Classifieds module to tabs
23 Displaying rules for mobile and tablets in table view
24 How to set your own path for default placeholder images
25 How to use DJ-Classifieds integration for Community Builder
26 How to earn with DJ-Classifieds - check 6 ways you can charge your users.
27 How to assign points to a selected user
28 How to pay with points in DJ-Classifieds
29 How does a registered user buy a package of points?
30 How to configure DJ-Classifieds part 1
31 Auctions in DJ-Classifieds
32 Payments for extra images
33 How to use watermarks in DJ-Classifieds
34 How to add missing language constants
35 Custom fields in search/filter module
36 How to install the DJ-Classifieds quickstart package
37 JomSocial integration for DJ-Classifieds
38 How to import categories and subcategories to DJ-Classifieds
39 How to import locations/regions to DJ-Classifieds
40 How to use FaLang with DJ-Classifieds
41 How to resize images in DJ-Classifieds?
42 How to present ads as slides
43 EasySocial integration for DJ-Classifieds
44 How to remove #dj-classfieds from the URL
45 Images multiupload doesn't work? - here's the fix
46 How to allow unregistered users to post and edit ads?
47 How to automatically post new ads to Facebook Pages
48 How to add custom fields to user profile in DJ-Classifieds
49 How to add User Profile Picture to user's profile in DJ-Classifieds
50 How to use JMailAlerts with DJ-Classifieds
51 How to use themes
52 How to add video to the advert
53 How to use Price and Contact fields as custom fields and use it only on several categories
54 Google Map module locations are gone after update to 2.3.3
55 How to set custom icons for google maps for different categories in DJ-Classifieds?
56 How does access restrictions for categories work?
57 Can users choose different currency for price of their ads?
58 How to set "Terms and Conditions" article
59 How to change date format
60 How to change "Add new advert" or any other text in DJ-Classifieds
61 RTL support for DJ-Classifieds ver. 2.1.4
62 How to add social buttons to DJ-Classifieds
63 Blank page when adding an advert
64 How to place a banner/adsense into DJ-Classifieds
65 Is DJ-Classifieds Joomla 3.x ready?
66 How to order categories
67 How to change the currency sign/price unit?
68 Update from 2.0.2 to 2.1
69 DJ-Classifieds system requirements
70 How set a default search for all values in custom field
71 How to hide "displayed" column in Table View
72 How to add new extra field in DJ-Classifieds

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