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Modified: Thursday, 19 October 2017 13:47

Installation and Configuration

First, you need to install the App. You do it the same way as with any other Joomla extension.

Once the App is installed, go to Extensions->Plugins-> System - DJ-Classifieds Ghost Ads and open the plugin.


  1. Enable the plugin
  2. Save and Close

or simply find the plugin as described and enable it with a button


That is all you need to do to enable the Ghost Ads for DJ-Classifieds.

How does Ghost Ads App work?

Once the advert is deleted by the user the core information about the advert is being displayed under the same URL the active advert was originally published on. The pictures are being deleted during deletion of the ad, but all core data are being kept as an HTML information.

This is how the deleted advert with enabled Ghost Ads App looks like:

Ghost Ads App for DJ-Classifieds

The “Ghost Ad” also gets the special badge and the information about the status of this advert so it is clear to visitors that this offer is no longer active.

Additionally, when the visitor opens the ghost ad from the original URL the notification will be visible:


Change your texts

If you'd like to change the text of the badge, you can do it in language overrides. The language constant is COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_GHOST_AD.

You can also change the text of the notice which is displayed when a user opens original URL. The language costant is PLG_SYSTEM_DJCFGHOSTADS_REDIRECT_TO_GHOST_AD_MSG.

Backend management

All ghost ads can be reviewed by the administrator in DJ-Classifieds backend in the new menu “Ghost Ads”:

Ghost Ads App for DJ-Classifieds

The list of the ghost ads is visible there and Administrator can delete those there. The deletion is then permanent.



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