Monday, 28 January 2013 09:52
Modified: Tuesday, 11 October 2016 11:16

how to change add new advert

You can use built-in Joomla solution to change any text on the site. This also refers to our extension.

Let's say you want to change some title inside the component like "Your Adverts" or "Add new advert".

  1. go to Language Manager 
  2. then open Overrides tab
  3. choose the language and click on "New" to create new language override
  4. use the search option on the right to find text you want to change (if there's more then one result you can easily find out where it will be changed by the prefix - for example "COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_XXX" will change the words in Component part and "MOD_DJCLASSIFIEDS_XXX" in module
  5. click on the value you want to translate
  6. in the left part of the screen modify the text 
  7. save the language override

Now you can see that the text changed on the front page.

You can modify all other text to fit your needs easily using this method thanks to Joomla language override feature.


You can also find article explaining this feature at



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