Friday, 30 August 2019 15:19
Modified: Thursday, 19 September 2019 16:56

When the advert is expired it :

  • will not show in search results and not in filters
  • is not visible on advert lists (blog/smart table etc)
  • is available in the user's panel
  • is available for the administrator in the panel
  • is available / not available via the URL (administrator can decide)

The administrator can decide what will happen with the advert when it expired.

Auto delete expired ads 

The website administrator can define the number of days after which the expired ads (including images and attachments) will be automatically deleted.

The system checks and deletes the expired ads in the background every time the Administrator enters the DJ-Classifieds dashboard. If there are expired ads meeting the condition (number of days) then they are removed and a message appears.

This feature can be easily enabled in the DJ-Classifieds control panel. Open DJ-Classifieds component, go to "Options" and choose the "Security" tab. Scroll down.

Now you can define the number of days after which the adverts will be deleted or leave 0 to disable this option and keep all expired ads.

Expire ads auto delete feature

Keep expired ads URL active

Another new option is the possibility to define the time period the expired ads still will be accessible via URL. As you can see on the image, this feature is also available at the "Security" tab. 

Until now expired offers were not available on the site (they were not displayed). Now you can specify the number of days for which the address should be active (a message will appear at the top of the screen that the ad is inactive.), but such an ad will not appear anywhere but from the URL link/address. 

You can define the number of days or leave the field black to redirect expired ads to the items list page.

Access expired ads feature

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