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How to display custom fields in more than one column


You can easily modify the CSS of DJ-Classifieds to display the custom fields in more than one column.

I will show how you can do it using our demo installation as an example.

The example product we will be working on is:

Once the product is displayed in the browser (I am using Chrome, but you can find similar options in other browsers) right-click on of the custom fields and choose “Inspect”.


Now, when in Inspect mod, click on div with class “custom_det” to see the path to the CSS in your Joomla installation


In my case, it is: line 2261

Now, I find the CSS file in the FTP client and open the file


now, starting from line 2261 we need to add

column-count: 2;  

and save the file


Now, there are two columns available:


You can, of course, use a different number of columns if needed.

The solution I will show you is the most simple one and need to be done again once the extension is modified.

If you are using Joomla-Monster template built on the EF4 framework you can add those changes to the custom.less file and then it won’t be changed during the DJ-Classifieds update.

Follow this tutorial to add your own styles to Joomla-Monster’s templates:

In my case I have added to the custom.less:

#dj-classifieds .dj-item .custom_det {
column-count: 2;

the effect is the same, two columns added + you are safe with the updates.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 13:08
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