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Monday, 27 August 2018 10:24
Modified: Thursday, 19 September 2019 16:07
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The default menu item used for displaying DJ-Classifieds items is the "Category table layout" menu item.

You can change it and use the "Category blog layout" view as well.

In order to use a "Category blog layout" menu item, one of the two following needs to be done:

1. Unpublish all "Category table layout" menu items that are set to display all categories, and publish the "Category blog layout" menu item.

Open your Joomla website control panel and navigate to "Menus". Display all available menu items.

all menu items2

Find the "Category table layout" menu items and unpublish them.  See the example below (this menu item should be unpublished):

category table layout

category table layout unpublish

2. Publish a new "Category blog layout" menu item and set it to display the specific category that needs to be displayed in the blog layout.

See our example below:

category blog layout example electronics

There is also a possibility to set the number of ads displayed on one page. This option is available in the "Global settings" tab. The same options works for Category table layout.

Category blog layout

See the result on the front page:

category blog layout exampleview

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