Thursday, 19 September 2019 11:40
Modified: Monday, 07 October 2019 13:00

Whatsapp field in the Advert view

DJ-Classifieds gives the possibility to display Whatsapp contacts link in the advert details. Once configured, the field will be displayed in the "ad new advert" feature. 

The user adding advert can define the mobile number.

Whatsapp field

Later this field will appear in the details as on the example below.

Whatsapp link in single ad

Now users using mobile will be able to launch a WhatsApp call using this link.


Let's see how to configure this option. Open DJ-Classifieds component and go to the "Fields" option.

DJ-Classifieds fields option

Choose "New" and configure the new field. In our example, the Label is called "Whatsapp". The "Type" of custom field must be set as "Link".

Click "Save".

 Whatsapp contact field

The custom field should be now visible at your advert configuration/edition view.

Go to "Items" in your DJ-Classifieds panel. Open the list of adverts and choose the advert you want to edit.

Single ad editAs you can see on the image below, there is a "Whatsapp" field available. All you need to do is define the phone number for the Whatsapp here.

DJ-Classifieds WhatsApp field editionNow this custom field will be displayed at the advert view on the front page. 



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