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This feature is available in Items Module. Very powerful module to display DJ-Classifieds adverts in different ways. Learn more about Items Module.

How to set the Items module to display Recently Viewed Ads?

First open the Items module. Go to Extensions -> Modules -> click “Search tools” and filter for DJClassifieds Items module (or create new one. You can also duplicate existing module if it’s more convenient for you).

Module settings
For purpose of this tutorial I’ve created new DJClassifieds Items module and called it “Recently Viewed Adverts”. Then in “Source” setting in the module I chose “Latest viewed adverts” from the select list in Source setting.

image00 rcently ads

I have also set the number of items to be displayed to 3 and set 3 columns in Number of columns setting, so now users will see three recently viewed adverts.
You can also use the Ordering feature in the module, so the items in the module will appear in the set order.
Now just place the module in the module position you want it to be displayed (and remember to publish it).

Component settings
Additionally you can set the behavior of the module with settings in the DJ-Classifieds component.
Open DJ-Classifieds Options -> Security tab and scroll down.
Here you’ll find two settings:

image01 recently ads

Latest viewed ads limit let’s you set the number of adverts should be stored in cookies. So remember not to set this number higher than the number of items you set in the module settings.
Latest viewed ads store time - this setting let’s you set for how long cookie will remember the adverts viewed by user. If user comes back later to the website after that time, nothing will show up in Recently Viewed Adverts.

Now the module will display items that were recently viewed by a user.



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