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If you are wondering how to order "fields" in DJ-Classifieds component, just follow this simple tutorial to learn everything! It's easy to make!

Open the DJ-Classifieds component


Navigate to the "Fields" button and open it.


Now navigate to the right, where you are able to change default custom fields ordering by clicking "Ordering" column and filtering them by custom fields' source (Category, Contact, User profile or Ask seller items):





You are also able to change ordering of extra fields that are already assigned to categories.  

Go again to DJ-Classifieds component, open the "Categories" and please navigate to specific Category. 



Now you see the list of existing fields assigned to this category. To manage them, click the "Manage custom fields" button.



Now you can change the ordering of specific fields. Do not forget to click "Save".



We hope that our tutorial article was helpful. If you need more help with "Fields" in DJ-Classifieds check more from our tutorials:

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