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Important Note: We distribute the DJ-Classifieds-Importer component along with the active subscription of DJ-Classifieds.
That means that if your subscription for DJ-Classifieds is active, you can download and use the DJ-Classifieds-Importer component for free.
The tool is dedicated for those who understand and want to set the import on their own.
The default support for DJ-Classifieds DOES NOT include the service to set up the XML/feed for you.
Each XML is different and requires time for the setup and tests, though we're not able to provide free setup support for it.
If the tool is to complex for you and you need assistance to set up the import from your feed/XML, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to quote the import service for you.
In this case, please provide the XML you want to integrate and we'll get back to you with the estimation.

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds can download the DJ-Classifieds-Importer from the download section.

Exemplary XML for DJ-Classifieds-Importer can be downloaded here:  DJ-Classifieds-Importer exemplary XML feed (7.92 kB 2018-06-04 13:18:50)

(New!) Check the video guide for DJ-Classifieds Importer

DJ-Classifieds-Importer component provides an option to import any data to DJ-Classifieds. Do you have other classified solution and want to migrate to DJ-Classifieds? Nothing easiest, just export your data to XML and import with this component!

How to start?

1. Check if your XML file contains fields other than core fields from DJ-Classifieds.

In example XML we have 6 extra fields [size_m2, bathrooms,bedrooms,floor,garage,internet,basement].

Please create suitable fields in your DJ-Classifieds extra fields section:

Make sure all fields from XML are also visible in your DJ-Classifieds extra fields.

2. Next, you need to create a group for feeds in importer, in the example, we used 'Real Estate'.

3. Now you need to create XML and DJ-Classifieds fields connections

3.1 In importer field you need to specify

  • Name - It's field custom name (not used during import, only for information purpose)
  • Field's attribute - [optional] if the value of the field is stored in fields attribute then provide the attribute name
  • Group - Group of fields to import
  • Created Date and Created By - fields not used during import
  • Field's source name - a name of the field in your XML item element
  • Destination field's type - a type of DJ-Classifieds field

Example of standard fields configuration:

start date


garage [value]

garage size [attribute]

3.2 If you want to put few XML elements into one DJ-CLassifieds field you can create 2 importer fields that lead to the same DJ-Classifieds field. For example with DJ-Classifieds field 'contact' we can connect:

XML field 'contact'

and 'application_email'

3.3 If your fields are embedded like in below example:


Then in field "Field's source name" you need to put a path to this field separated by '|'.

So, in this case, it will be:

and for the second level of regions:

3.4 For elements like regions, categories, types. You can also set a type of synchronization. So, if an element with this name doesn't exist you can force importer to create this element.

3.5 For Images groups like:


You need to set into "Field's source name" the group name of elements and into "Source sub name" name of single photo element. Example:

4. Now, when we have all fields and connections created you can set up a feed.

  • Group - your feed group where all fields were
  • Name - Your custom name of the feed
  • Description - Your custom Description
  • Url of synchronization - Link to your feed
  • XML path to parent item - path to the parent group of items for import (you can separate elements by | )
  • XML parent item - name of single item object
  • Item external ID field - name if object id field, it helps for the updating process
  • Action on the duplicated item - You can decide what importer should do with previously imported items (compare on id field)
  • Ads' author - default adverts author
  • Expiration date (days) - default expiration duration
  • Synchronization protocol - type of import protocol, for HTTPS POST curl is used

Example configuration:

5. Remember to insert Google API keys in DJ-Classifieds configuration because DJ-CLassifieds Importer uses required libraries.

6. After feed creation and DJ-Classifieds configuration you can use "Import data" button on feeds list

Please note: You can also use a link to automate this process in CRON: where ID is your feed ID.


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