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payment for extra images

In DJ-Classifieds you can charge for adding ads extra images by users. Using this option is very easy and gives a wide range of possibilites.

The administrator can set:

  • free images limit (per one ad),
  • extra image price,
  • extra image renew price 

Read the tutorial below and see how to configure payments for extra images in DJ-Classifieds.

Basic setup

First go to "Components" and open the "DJ-Classifieds" component. 


Now go to "Options"


Open the "Images" tab. 

You can set different options for the images. Options associated with images prices are:

  • Max images per ad
  • Free images limit
  • Extra image price
  • Extra image points price
  • Extra image renew price
  • Extra image renew points price



We have made an exemplary settings. The effect is now visible when adding an add on the frontpage:


Now every image added over the limit will make your users to pay for them. The price for those images will be added to the regular checkout.

Alternative scenario

You can also override the prices quoted using the "Durations" option.

Open "Durations" option in DJ-Classifieds panel.


I will show how it works on "14 Days" duration example. 

prices125 1

Open the "14 Days" duration and then open the "Images prices" tab. You can set the extra image price for 14 days ad.

prices125 2

When user change a default value of "Expire after (days)" field and this option have overrided images pricing values then automatically the prices info is changed.


As you can now see below, the Price for additional image is 8 Euro - the same as defined. 


Hope you learned how to charge for additional images when adding new classified ad.

If you have any questions about this tutorial let us know in the comments!




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