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Product options is a feature you can find in extra fields. It's meant for "Buy Now" feature and lets users add product variants to the advert.

The best example would be adding color variants to a t-shirt and number of the items the seller has in stock.

Where to set it up?

You'll find this option when going to DJ-Classifieds extra fields and click the "Buy Now" tab and select "Yes" in Product option setting.


How to set it up?

Let's assume you have the "Fashion" category in your classified ads website and you want to add new extra field "color" that will have predefined color options plus you want to let users enter their own color and set the number of items available.

First, open DJ-Classifieds and go to: Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Extra Fields and create a new field (you can also modify existing custom field).

In my example I've created a field with those parameters:

  • Label: Color
  • Use in: Custom field in category
  • Type: Checkbox
  • Values: red;blue;orange;black;white (this values will be visible to be selected in check boxes)


  • Then click the "Buy now" tab
  • Select "Yes" in Product Option setting
  • Values: red;blue;orange;black;white (you can also leave this empty if you do not want to predefine the values and let user enter his own values)


click Save.

To assign the field to the category: scroll down when still in the extra field edition form and select the category in select list where the custom field will be attached to.


Click Save.

How does product options work on the frontend?

When all this is set up, the user when submitting new advert selects the "Buy Now" feature for the item - and new fields appear:


How does it look in advert details?

When this feature is used it allows buyers to select the product option and quantity of them to buy.


Hope this tutorial will be useful. If you have any questions feel free to write in comments or contact us any way.



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