Friday, 08 September 2017 11:57
Modified: Friday, 08 September 2017 14:27

If you want to have the location name in the URL you can easily change it.

This feature has a big positive impact on SEO so it is recommended to set it per your needs.

Important: Update from previous versions won’t change any existing URLs settings. To change URL structure, component settings have to be changed manually.

Important 2: If you change the setting from displaying category only in advert's URL to displaying region too, the old URLs will work but they will get the correct canonical link with new URL that includes the region. This way SEO will not be impacted and search engines will know that the correct new URL has the regions in it.

The SEO Settings // display location in URL

To change the URL rules go to Options -> SEO Settings tab and scroll down to:


  1. Adverts list URL structure: possible options: category/region or region/category
  2. Advert URL structure: possible options: category/region or region/category or category only

Ads URL examples

  • Ad with regular URL (no region in URL):,18/leather-sofa,37
  • Ad with Region/Category URL setting:,3l/furniture,18/leather-sofa,37
  • Ad with Category/Region URL setting:,18/new-york,3l/leather-sofa,37


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