Modified: Friday, 03 July 2015 13:46

Quick step by step guide

  1. Clear Joomla cache
  2. Remove module layout override from template
  3. Install and enable DJ-jQueryMonster plugin


    1. Clear Joomla cache

    If Joomla cahce is enabled you need to purge it to see the effect of module update. Go to your Joomla back-end and navigate to System -> Clear Cache -> mark checkbox next to Cache Group table header -> click Delete button

    Clear Cache


    2. Remove module layout override from template

    I don't need slider layout override

    Check if there is DJ-ImageSlider module layout override in your template. In your Joomla back-end navigate to Extensions -> Template Manager -> Templates -> choose your template -> open html folder. If it contains mod_djimageslider folder you need to remove the default.php file from it.


    Remove override


    I need my awesome slider layout override

    If you need the changes you made in the override you have to compare it with new layout file [modules/mod_djimageslider/tmpl/default.php] and update your file.

    There was a lot of changes: script options are passed by data-animation and data-djslider attributes of the slider container, new classes related with themes, inline styles, new lightbox-like script and more, so the best way to update your override is to make the new one based on new layout file then you will be sure nothing has been overlooked.

    3. Install and enable DJ-jQueryMonster plugin

      Historical background (you can skip this part)

      One of the concept of Joomla!3 was to rewrite everything to jQuery which is more popular javascript framework than Mootools. Many extension/template developers was waiting long time for adding jQuery to the Joomla core to get rid of the problems with loading multiple jQuery instances conflicting with each other and also with a Mootools library. It's amazing how many joomla templates/extensions for Joomla!3+ load own jQuery instance what makes me think that missing jQuery in Joomla core wasn't then problem, but the problem was quality of the code of the most extensions/templates or just lack of knowledge.

      Our DJ-ImageSlider was based on Mootools and we spend a lot of time to help regular joomla users with no technical knowledge with solving the conflicts with jQuery used by 3rd party extensions/templates. We finally rewrite DJ-ImageSlider to use jQuery instead of Mootools, but unfortunately javascript conflicts still persist because of 3rd party templates/extensions which were quickly rewrite from Joomla!2.5.x to Joomla!3.x with the smallest effort.

      How can I fix this without changing code of 3rd party extensions/template?

      We can't force all developers to use jQuery served with Joomla!. That's why we wrote the DJ-jQueryMonster plugin for cleaning up the scripts and loading them in a proper order. It's simple to use, you just need to download and install the plugin then go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> find and open 'System - DJ-jQueryMonster' plugin. Set Enable jQuery to Yes and also remember to the enable plugin. That's it! Other settings are optimal by default and you don't have to worry about them.


      DJ-jQueryMonster plugin


      If some extensions on your website use jQuery UI you can also enable the jQuery UI in the plugin settings, but it's optional and use it only if you experience some conflicts related with jQuery UI on your website.