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How to add DJ-ImageSlider slideshow module to the content / Joomla article 4.4 out of 5 based on 67 votes.

This article originally is about placing DJ-ImageSlider into the articles, but the same method will work with any other module!

If you want to publish DJ-ImageSlider module inside your content you should use the Content - Load Modules plugin to do so.

  • First, check if the plugin is enabled. To do so - go to Extensions -> Plug-in Manager and filter the "modules" word to check if the module is enabled.


  • Then go to your modules and assign the DJ-ImageSlider module to the position you want to use (you can just create one, the name can be anything)

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  • Next step. Open the "Menu Assignment" tab to assign the module.

If you're using a custom module position for a specific DJ-ImageSlider module that will be used in the article you can set the assignment to: "On all pages", otherwise specify the exact menu positions in a regular way.

Module assignment

  • Next, open your article and put the code: slider-in-joomla-article-position (where content-article is the module position you just assigned the module to).

edit article

  • That's it, the module will appear in your article.

final result - module in the article

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