Modified: Wednesday, 13 June 2018 07:40

The bullet dot or square above the slider is usually part of your Joomla template styles for unordered list elements.

DJ-ImageSlider is built using HTML unordered list elements where each slide is wrapped with <li> tag.

Many templates add the special styling for the default <li> tag pseudo elements such as ":after" or ":before".

To get rid of this styling in the slider you need to add the following CSS to your template stylesheet, so the dot or other mark defined for list element will be hidden:

ul.djslider-in > li:after, ul.djslider-in > li:before {
display: none !important;

Adding this code to your CSS will remove the bullet marks only from the slider <li> tags, so the unordered list will look correct in all other areas of your website.