If you use the Content Editor Button plugin for inserting DJ-Mediatools albums from the front-end you will be limited to creating new custom items album and you cannot change its settings (which you can, when using the very same editor button from the back-end of your Joomla, check article: Recipe - How to create gallery right from the regular Joomla article with DJ-MediaTools for more info).

Thanks to the "Presets" functionality you can set the default album preset for all the Albums inserted from the Joomla article (or any other extension where the system plugins can be evaluated) and keep consistency across all the Albums created or inserted that way.

How to set the default Album preset for Albums managed from the editor button

If you create or select an Album from the front-end using the editor button you are not able to set the options for the album, you can, however, set the default Album preset that will be used for all the albums.

First you need to create a new Preset as explained in the documentation: Presets - predefined album settings

Now you need to open the plugin: DJ-MediaTools Content Plugin and choose the preset that will be used for all the albums managed from the editor button.


  1. Select the preset
  2. Save the plugin settings

How to add the Album to the article with a tag

You can also use the tag syntax to manually add the Album to the article.

When using this method you can also select the preset manually by entering the preset ID.

When creating the preset it gets the ID that is a name of the Preset.

You can see the presets IDs.


The syntax for placing the Album with the Preset ID will look like this: 

{djmedia 1, Test-preset1}

With the mentioned code you will display the Album with ID 1 and preset name (ID) "Test-preset1"

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