With DJ-MediaTools albums you can display DJ-Classifieds adverts along with the Types buttons (also called as labels). Types in DJ-Classifieds can be defined by users.

There is also a "Label Button" tab where you can design your Type. It means that different types can be marked by labels in different colors that you can easily set up.

Each label can be easily customized in the backend by the website's admin - Learn more about the types in DJ-Classifieds

You can also charge your users for Types in DJ-Classifieds. Each type can have the price and require payment for using it in the advert - Learn more about payable types in DJ-Classifieds 

How to display advert with types in DJ-MediaTools

Things that are required for proper functioning:

  • Configured types in DJ-Classifieds - in order to display DJ-Classifieds items with the type button in slides correctly, they must be configured and enabled first in the Dj-Classifieds component - Learn more about the types in DJ-Classifieds

DJ-MediaTools album needs to use DJ-Classifieds as the source to display its items.

Choose DJ-Classifieds as the album source when creating a new album. Then you need to enable the "button" option in the album configuration. Scroll down to "Show type" and choose "Button" from the list.

show type button for djcf source

Learn more about the Album Source Plugins in DJ-MediaTools

After proper configuration, you can display DJ-MediaTools album in the module, single article, or in the component. 

Check how it looks on the front page:

Gallery Grid Layout


Masonry Layout


Slideshow Layout


Slideshow with thumbnails Layout


Tabber Layout


Modern slider Layout


Slider Layout


Kwicks Panels Layout


Nivo Layout


Labels can be displayed in all DJ-MediaTools Layouts (excluding Skitter Slideshow.)

See all available layouts on the demo site

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