Watermarks are the very useful DJ Media Tools feature. Using watermarks allows protecting your images from downloading and using them on other websites without permission.

You can choose the watermark image, set its dimensions and position.

Learn how you can apply watermarks to DJ-MediaTools galleries.

Learn How to disable watermarks for individual album.

Watermarks for DJ-MediaTools can be enabled in the components' global settings. If you want to disable them in selected albums, it's also possible.

Let's see how to restrict watermarks display in certain Albums.

Open DJ-MediaTools. Go to "Options" and open the "Image Settings" tab.

Watermarks dj media tools settings

Scroll down to "Watermark settings" section. The "Use watermarks" field needs to be set as "Yes". This means watermarks will be enabled for all DJ-MediaTools albums.

Watermark settings options in DJ Media Tools

Now you need to disable watermarks for the selected album where you don't want to display them.

Go to DJ-MediaTools albums and choose the album you want to edit. Now choose the album "Basic options" and scroll down to "Use watermarks" field.

It needs to be set as "No".

Watermarks in album basic options

Check the example of DJ-MediaTools album with a watermark:

Sport news album with watermarkAnd here is the same slide without a watermark:

same slide without watermark 


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