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Masonry layout is useful when you want to display a gallery of images and you don’t want to crop them. You can use this layout in a component view and in a module.

To display an album in Masonry layout follow these steps:

  1. In Basic album options tab (in menu item or module settings) set Album layout to Masonry,
  2. set Image width to a prefered value
  3. set Image resizing to Fit to width
settings for Masonry layout

Your album should look similar to this from our example:

Masonry layout

If you’d like to display image descriptions as well, the best way is to place them below the image. To do that please:

  1. In menu item settings>Layout Elements Options set Show Title parameter to Yes,
  2. Set Show description parameter to Yessettings for Masonry layout with description
  3. In menu item settings>Customize layout set Description position parameter to Below the image.
settings for Masonry layout with description

After these changes your gallery should look like this:

Masonry layout with description

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