The views/click counter feature was added in DJ-MediaTools 2.15.2 version. 

That option does not work automatically - needs to be enabled by in the DJ-MediaTools components settings.

How to enable the counter

Open the DJ-MediaTools component and go to Options. Choose the "Analytics" tab.

There are two options available:

  • Counting clicks - counts clicks on a given image/item
  • Counting views - counts pageviews of a given image/item

Clicks counter Media Tools

How to use the counter

After enabling the mentioned options (or both of them) you can check how they work. 

The statistics are now enabled for DJ-MediaTools items. Of course, the configured item must be visible on the front page so that the user visiting the site has the opportunity to view it or click on it.

Go to DJ-MediaTools control panel and choose "Custom Items". Open the item you want to check. 

The "Stats" box is visible in the bottom on the right.

And that is how it looks for our example:

Stats box


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