DJ-MediaTools recipe - create gallery from Joomla article

With DJ-MediaTools you can create and insert galleries right into article when creating it.

So, for example, you’re writing an article and need to put the gallery to it.

For this tutorial let’s do it for latest smartphones - let it be Apple iPhone 5s and LG G2 with Android.

First let’s create the blank article, add a title, and some text.

djmttutorial content1

Now let’s add the galleries.

To do so:

  1. put the coursor where you want the gallery to appear
  2. click the DJ-MediaTools album button

djmttutorial content2

now you can:

  1. create new album from the modal box, or
  2. choose one of the albums you have already created

djmttutorial content3

Create Gallery.

We choose the first option as we want to show how to create the albums from articles. As you can see from the screenshot, you can add the album/gallery same way as from the component:

djmttutorial content4

now, let’s:

  1. give a title for the album
  2. choose the parent album (if you wish)
  3. you can also set all other options like custom album image or album description
  4. add the video link
  5. add the pictures
  6. add album description
  7. set all the possible options like layout, options, customize album

djmttutorial content6

Set different layouts and settings

for this tutorial I’ll set different layouts for iPhone 5s pictures (slider with thumbnails) and other for LG G2 pictures (grid with 200px X 200px size) . Check the video of how that was done:

(as you can see on the video adding pictures as is as easy as dragging them from your folder, you can also rename them during the upload and change their ordering easily just dragging them in the order you want them to appear on frontend

as you can see now in the article edit view you can see the placeholders for both galleries:

djmttutorial content7

  1. iPhone gallery placeholder
  2. LG G2 gallery placeholder

I’ve added some headings and lorem ipsum text to make the article look more “real” and this is how the article looks like on frontend:

djmttutorial content8

The article looks great now, but as usual there’s always space for improvements, so let’s change few things:

  • let the pictures open in modal box when clicked
  • hide their descriptions overlayed when hovered

The albums that were just created are regular albums you can manage in DJ-MediaTools backend. That allows you to change their layout, size, amount of pictures displayed, ordering, and many other functionalities (check documentationdemo or our youtube channel to dive into more details).
Ok, so let’s tweak it
go to DJ-MediaTools component and click “Albums”

djmttutorial content9

now click the album to modify (I’ll be changing the one with iPhone 5s pictures) and we can edit the settings.
First the “Basic album options” (I’m focusing on only some features, you can do far more tweaks if you want):

djmttutorial content10

  1. let’s leave the album layout as it is (we could change it to any other from the list)
  2. I’ve changed the images effect to inflitration fade
  3. now once the image is clicked it’ll open in lightbox
  4. for the lightbox type I choose PicBox

Now let’s check the “Layout elements options”

djmttutorial content11

  1. I’ll be not displaying the title of the images
  2. autoplay set to “yes” so it attracts the reader more
  3. “pause autoplay” set to “yes” so once the slider is hovered the picture would not change
  4. I’m hiding the play/pause buttons
  5. also let’s hide the next/prev buttons (as we have thumbnails below the big picture I don’t think they are necessary here)

now click "save".

(I’ve also applied similiar changes to the other gallery - LG G2 pictures)

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