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set watermaks in dj-mediatools

I will explain how Watermarks in DJ-MediaTools works. Watermarks will let you protect your images from being downloaded and used on other websites without credits to you or your website. This feature allows you to choose the watermark image you want to use and set its size and position.

Here's a video that shows how easily you can apply the watermark. Below the video you'll find a transcript with pictures.

Let's go.

Get your watermark image ready

First, you need to get an image (in .png format) that you want to use as the watermark; it can be your site logo, your name or any other image.
For the purpose of this tutorial, I'll use DJ-MediaTools logo.

Go to your Joomla administrator panel

Open DJ-MediaTools options by going to Components -> DJ-MediaTools -> Options -> Image Settings tab and scroll to Watermarks section
djmediatools options

Set the watermarks as you need it

watermarks params

  1. Enable the Watermarks feature,
  2. choose the image,
  3. set the watermark's size (in percentage, this way you can fit the too big watermark to fit your pictures when applied),
  4. Set watermark horizontal position (right, left, center),
  5. Set watermark vertical position (top, bottom, center).

When you are ready, Save the settings.

Remember to clean your cache!

Now you need to clean the cache of images.
DJ-MediaTools stores all images in the cache for better speed so you need to clean it so it can display images with your new watermark.

To do so; in your Joomla administrator panel go to Components -> DJ-MediaTools and choose Images & CSS cache and click Delete XXX images.
images and css

The effect

Now you can go to your gallery, slider or slideshow page and reload the page.
The watermark is visible on each image, exemplary Grid view:

The watermark is applied to each image, also the big one you can see in lightbox:

If you have any questions regarding Watermarks functionality, leave us a comment.

Watermarks controlled!

The watermarks feature was introduced in DJ-MediaTools 2.9. Since then we got feedback from you, that it would be nice to have the option to disable watermarks for particular albums.

Now it's possible and easy as changing the option in the album settings and purge images cache.


We have also added short article describing how to make it properly:

How to disable watermarks for individual album

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