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How to add a Bootstrap Icon to Menu Item

Thanks to Bootstrap Icon users are able add vector icons to your Menu items quick and easy.

Bootstrap icons are available if the Joomla template is based on the Bootstrap. The icons collection may vary depending on the template, that loads a personalized boostrap version.

Read our tutorial about how to add Bootstrap icons to Joomla menu structure.

1. Click on "Menus" then choose "Main Menu".

phoca thumb l open menu admin2

2. Now we add a vector icon to "Car ads" menu item.

phoca thumb l car ads example2

3. Open this item and choose "DJ-MegaMenu Options" Tab.

The code should be placed in "Menu Icon". Set the proper Bootstrap icon by typing a proper classes.

You can choose from a huge collection of icons here - Bootstrap icons

We use "icon-home" as an example icon.

phoca thumb l visible1

Save Menu Item and see the front view now.

4.  The "Car ads" menu item contains a Bootstrap icon now.

phoca thumb l visible2


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