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How to display module position in DJ-MegaMenu3.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes.


This tutorial will explain how to display any Joomla module as the submenu in the DJ-MegaMenu.

1. In order to achieve the desired effect we need to start with creating a new menu item.

Select "Menu" in Joomla Control Panel. Open the Main Menu and click "New".





2. We will define the position name now. Open the MegaMenu tab and scroll down to "Modules".  Use the "Module position"and type the name of your choice. The name is unrestricted, we use "Megamenu" for this example.

We set "no" in "Show link with module" setting as we do not want to display any menu item there, we just want to display the module itself.


 3. Open the "Details" tab (1) and click "Select" (2) to choose the menu item type.

moduledetailsWe choose "Archived articles" from the list. As we earlier set the menu link will be hidden it's not important what kind of menu item type you choose.



 4. Now set the "Menu title". Let's name it "MegaMenu test" for example.

module75.  Now we need to specify where the submenu with the module will appear. In our case the parent item will be „Modules”. You can set it on the right.


6. Open the "Module manager” and find the module you want to display in submenu. Now it's important to assign it to an earlier defined module position in the menu.

Find the proper type from the list ( "DJClassifieds User Menu" in this case)  and open it.


7. Navigate to right panel and from in "Position" box write the name of defined custom postion - "megamenu". Choose it and now it's assigned to "DJClassifieds User Menu" module. Click "Save".

module138. Remember that if you want the module will apear on the menu items it's been assigned to, so if you want it to appear on all pages be sure to select "all pages".


 The final effect is now visible on the Frontpage:



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