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How to set the access key for menu item?3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes.

To assign the access key to the menu item link you need to open the settings of the desired menu item, then open the "DJ-MegaMenu options" tab and go to the very bottom of the page. 

The Access Key option adds the HTML accesskey attribute to the menu item link. You need to use a single character from the keyboard which will be used to open or focus this link directly with the keyboard shortcut.


Note that this option will work only when the menu will be displayed with our DJ-MegaMenu module.

What shortcut activate the access key?

It depends on the browser and operating system. You can check what shortcut you need to use on your device at Wikipedia:

Activate or focus

In the most cases, the link is opened when you use access key. However, it depends on browser implementation of the access key, but also how the website is interpreted by the browser. Don't worry, users who use this accessibility browser feature know exactly how it works and will choose the browser which is most easy to use for them.

Example - see how it works

Take a look at our demo website where access key is set for first menu item "Skip to content"

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