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How to use DJ-Reviews with DJ-Classifieds

You can allow users to rate ads as well as user's profiles in DJ-Classifieds (classifieds Joomla extension) by using DJ-Reviews (the rating and reviews extension for Joomla).

Both DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Reviews are paid extensions that you can get separately or in the bundle.

Assuming you already have a classified ads website built on DJ-Classifieds you can easily add the rating/reviews functionality to it by installing and enabling DJ-Reviews features.

DJ-Reviews component setup


First, you need to install DJ-Reviews package.

Rating groups

Once it's installed you need to create the "Rating group" for DJ-Classifieds' integration. Do it as explained here. Depending if you want to add an option to review and rate both adverts and advertisers or just one of those create one or two rating groups.

For the purpose of this tutorial I have created two groups:

"DJ-Classifieds Ads Ratings" and "DJ-Classifieds Advertisers Ratings" groups, both with default settings that I can adjust later.

Rating criteria

You can learn how to set up the rating criteria from the article.

DJ-Reviews DJ-Classifieds plugin setup

Now, go to plugins in your Joomla backend and edit the plugin called: "DJ-Classifieds - DJ-Reviews" and make the adjustments:

  1. Set the status of the plugin to "Enabled"
  2. Choose the Rating group for ads and advertisers (accordingly to groups created in the earlier step)
  3. Adjust other settings per your needs.
  4. After that step, the plugin looks like this:

DJClassifieds and DJ-Reviews plugin

and I can save & close the plugin.

Now users can rate and review both single adverts and advertisers.

Let's see some examples on the front page.

The first example is the review added under the single advert.

single advert review

And below you can see the example review written for the advertiser:

advertiser user review

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