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Once you install, use and like DJ-Suggester Light you can easily upgrade to Professional edition.

With Pro version you can benefit many features unavailable in Free edition - see what's not available in Free edition

Steps to do the upgrade from Free to Pro

1. Purchase the DJ-Suggester subscription
2. go to My Account and find your license number

DJ-Suggester license

Now copy the license key and paste it in the DJ-Suggester plugin (1)

DJ-Suggester go pro

and click Go Professional (2).

Now the license key is entered and confirmed (see below screenshot [1])

DJ-Suggester Go Pro license

and you can upgrade to Professional Edition (2)

after that you'll have Professional Edition installed:

DJ-Suggester pro edition installed

Note: After the purchase of DJ-Suggester Pro subscription you can also download the Professional Edition package from the download section and install it using Joomla Extensions Manager.

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